Snowy Kitty In The Window


Spunk could come in the house through the kitty door on the other side of the house (often we let in the front door and he just walks straight through the house and goes right back outside through the kitty door), but he chooses to be a drama queen, and act desperate sitting on the rail outside by the front door, looking sadly in the window, begging us to let him in. Today he was particularly sad, stuck outside, all covered in snow. While Spunk was going through his sad cat routine, Najar jumped up on the window sill to add her two cents worth about how silly he is.






38 thoughts on “Snowy Kitty In The Window

  1. Little Spunk gives a very convincing sad kitty act. I think they must have more fun having the human open the door than using the cat door themselves.

    Still no snow up here in my area, yet.

    • All the kitties love to look sad and desperate through the window until we let them in. And often, they walk go straight outside again through the kitty door. It’s a big game for them, and we play along. Thanks, Lavinia!

  2. Spunk continues to amaze me with his ability to project feelings. His expression matches how I feel about all these days of snow!The photos are great!

  3. Mr. Bowie also likes to play in the snow. Unfortunately, the vet says is not good for his ear condition. So far, no real snow in this part of the world. Let’s keep it this way… πŸ˜‰

    • Hi Herman. Snow like this is fairly rare these days. It’s nice for a change and the roses and trees love it.

  4. Lol!!! Spunk looks amazing pathetic. Love cats! I’m sure he just wanted to be let in, and then go out and then come back around and beg to be let in, again. Sooo cute!

    • Hi Mia! Spunk, Marble, Sasha, Loki and Silver love playing in the snow. Lola and Najar prefer the warmer environs in the house.

      • Marble’s, Loki’s and Silver’s lives began in the snow. They were left as little kittens in the middle of a road in northern New Mexico with high snow drifts on either side of the road. Vanessa said she had to chase them around in the snow drifts to catch them, before she brought them to us.

      • Thankfully, Tim, their story has a happy ending. I hate to think of what people are capable of, the only thing that salvages that thought is the wonderful things that other people are capable of, and in doing so create a happy ending.

  5. Aw… poor Spunk. LOL, but Najar doesn’t buy so much as a whisker of it!
    We’ve gotten quite a nasty snow storm (nearly a foot) and not getting warm or sunny enough to melt more than enough for a double-danger re-freeze at night. I didn’t get to NM fast enough…
    Now me and my agoraphobia are having to wait another month. (eye roll).
    Have a good new week. Hugs.

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