10 thoughts on “Snakes, Kitties, Lizards, Flowers & Hoodoos T – 22 Days

    • Thanks, Jane! They were both pretty small at that time. Red got to be about 7 feet long and 60 pounds and had a very sweet personality for a blood python. Blue is currently about 8 feet long and maybe 25 pounds (I haven’t weighed her). Red died when she was 13. She was extremely sick when I got her, and I think it shortened her life by a few years, but she lived 13 years longer than she would have if we hadn’t nursed her back to health when she was a baby.

      • Heavens Timothy, that sounds amazing and a totally new idea for me to imagine snakes might have personalities but of course all animals do don’t they?! Glad you saved Red and gave her some good years. 🙂

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