Hoot Owl at Dusk


While walking back home in the dark from what turned out to be a 6.5 mile walk, I could hear the owls hooting at each other. As I looked around to see where the hoots were coming from, I saw what looked like a large cat at the tip top of a cottonwood, backlit by the afterglow of the sunset. The owl was too far away, and it was too dark, for me to get anything but silhouettes of it.



25 thoughts on “Hoot Owl at Dusk

  1. Owl silhouettes are lovely too! And he does look like a cat up in the tree! We had a Great Horned Owl come through here last year. I got close enough to identify the big bird before he took off.

    • We have several that will be in different trees surrounding the house and they will hoot back and forth all night long. We get hooting in surround sound. I never see them during the day, but they will be in trees close enough some nights that I can shine a flashlight on them and get a good look before they fly off.

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