42 thoughts on “Cranes On Blue

  1. So majestic. They make flight look easy. I don’t know anything about their migratory path. I live in Canada and I always get sad when I see our beautiful Canada Geese leaving in the fall. But hearing their loud honking when they return in the spring I want to jump and scream welcome home. My dad, who has passed, and I used to have a ritual of scanning the skies in the spring for the Canada Geese returning, we would call each other when we saw our first one. I miss him and I miss our birds. Can you send them North?

    • A whole lot of your geese come down here to hang out for the winter. And while it still gets pretty cold, the enchantment factor seems to get to many of them, like everyone else, because they stay the whole winter here instead of moving more southward. Thanks!

  2. Like this very much, especially the effect of the front lighting and the very neat positioning of the two birds in relation to each other- excellent shot!

      • They are probably lonely, I think most of gods creature need one another. We have Sand Hill cranes here, they stay in groups and do not migrate from here. They are very domesticated because we feed them, they will even come right up to the window and look in. Thank you Timothy!

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