Cucaracha Crunch Coffee — Blond


Keeping up with coffee trends, I’m introducing Blond Cucaracha Crunch Coffee just in time for Halloween. Those of you who have followed my blog for awhile might recall that I discovered Cucaracha Crunch Coffee back in 2012 when a cockroach crawled into my coffee cup at the office. During this All Hollows season when people try to be gross and disgusting, what better way to gross out your friends, family and colleagues than with a big, bold, blond cup of Cucaracha Crunch Coffee — Blond?









25 thoughts on “Cucaracha Crunch Coffee — Blond

  1. I once worked with a woman who loved coffee in large ceramic cups. Often left it various places, forgetting about it. One time she had left the cup on a bench. She drank it down later, only to discover….a mouse in the bottom. The critter had climbed up, fallen in and drowned.

  2. Well, it seems you really enjoyed your coffee. I’m off to the kitchen for my first espresso, but no insects for me, I prefer dark chocolate! 😉

    • Cockroaches are rarely on the top of list of insects that people like. I often have to rescue people at the office from the more ambitious cockroaches that scape from my coffee cup.

  3. Ewwww and Yuck! Why did I even look? Sigh……It’s because I do so much like your photos. And right before I typed “sigh”, I scrolled up and looked at them a Second Time! Eeeckk! I must be deranged. 🙂

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