Kitty Art & A Partial Eclipse of the Sun


Spunk got hold of a roll of paper towels and proceeded to create kitty art with it — a combination of performance art and “realtime” sculpture. Tristan called in the afternoon and asked if I was going to photograph the partial eclipse of the sun. I didn’t have neutral density filters with me, so I poked a pinhole in a business card and had Bruce focus the eclipse on a sheet of paper while I photographed it (last two photos). I used neutral density filters to photograph the full eclipse of the sun in May 2012 and the Transit of Venus in June 2012.








28 thoughts on “Kitty Art & A Partial Eclipse of the Sun

  1. oooooohhhh bad kitty!! what would happen if you point the camera at the eclipse, take the image and of course not look at the camera?

    • Thanks, John! Nothing bad will happen if you point your camera at the sun and do photos, but it’s supposedly not good for you sensor. If you stop your lens down enough, you might get a decent image, but dark filters filter out noise so you get a nice, crisp disc for the image of the sun.

  2. You should try to find out how to organize an art exhibition of Spunk’s creations…
    Great idea of using a pinhole in a business card for taking photographs of an eclipse!

  3. Spunk in all of his adorableness! I guess that leaves his kitty account neutral at present – deduction for the paper, addition for the cuteness and modeling (?).
    I did the eclipse just in dappled light on my porch, in the lengthening shadows of a late afternoon in autumn. I could not find the eclipse glasses I bought for the ring of fire eclipse, so I did not look at this one. I did not have anyone to hold a pinhole card, but I also enjoyed watching just the light and shadows. I was very glad we had a bright and sunny day.
    Looking forward to seeing you soon.

  4. I wonder what would would happen if that roll was fed into an old player piano…. Spunk might have a “Greatest Hits” album in the making. 🙂

    I took a look at the previous postings of the eclipse in 2012 and the transit of Venus. Enjoyed those quite a bit, as well as your business card pinhole version from the partial eclipse. Thank you!

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