14 thoughts on “Hung Like A Hibiscus

  1. Beautiful white hibiscus! I once had an Abyssinian who liked to snap the buds off of my red one and bring them to me like a mouse offering. Finally had to give the poor plant away.

    • That’s funny because when our kitty Stretch was alive, he would catch lizards in the catio and bring them in for me, then I would have a terrible time catching the lizards to put them out doors again.

      One day he brought me a lizard and I had a talk with Stretch about what a problem Lizards where and asked him to find something else to bring me. A few minutes later I heard his “I’ve caught a critter” meow behind me. I turned around, and much to my surprise, he had a flower off the trumpet vine growing in the catio.

      I praised him for doing a great job killing the flower, and after that he never brought in another living creature, but we had lots of trumpet flowers littering our floor all summer long after that.

      • I sniffed the hibiscus buds the cat (Mr. Austin) would bring me. They smelled a little like fish to me. Next time you feel like doing an odd science project, sniff the base of the hibiscus flower at bud stage and tell me what you find. Now I am curious.

      • The last hibiscus we had didn’t survive because we left them out too long. I don’t remember that our hibiscus had a scent. The problem with our dry climate is that most flowers have very little scent, if any.

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