38 thoughts on “The Deal

  1. Certainly looks like Spank has a natural gift for modelling. Soon you’ll be paying modelling fees. 🙂

  2. And he is an excellent model. I love the third photo with his legs stretched out in front of him. he has a face that melts my heart.
    What an adorable handsome fella.

  3. I love your cat pictures. I have a long haired Calico cat. I called petsmart in Lafayette and asked them if they had a cat. The man’s reply was, “Well we have this one cat that keeps biting everybody and she won’t eat because she is depressed.”
    I told him , “I’ll be right over to get her.”
    I had to take the bus because ever since my car broke down eight years ago I haven’t driven a car. I had one of those wire carts with wheels on it.. I had all of the cat supplies in the bottom and the cat was in a box with several holes in it so she could breathe. I kept talking to the cat in the box. When I looked up at the other passengers on the bus they were looking at me like I was a crazy lady talking to a box so I told them I had just bought a cat and she was in the box. They nodded their head at me.
    What was I thinking. Why would anyone take a cat that bites everybody? Well, I was concerned that they would take her to the animal shelter and put her to sleep. She never has bitten anyone except for me one time. She got me with one tooth in the leg because I stepped on her tail. So that was my fault.
    They didn’t know how old she is or what her name was. They guessed her to be 5-7 years old at the Vet. I’ve had her for eight years now.
    She won’t eat tuna out of a can. She won’t eat cat treats. She doesn’t like catnip. She won’t eat any other cat food except Purina real chicken with hairball control. She has eaten the same cat food for eight years and she still loves it. She’ll lay on top of her bag of cat food and want more when her cat feeder is full. I named her Cali. I am allergic to cats so I have to take Clariton every night.
    I love my Cali girl to pieces. She’s precious.
    Thanks for all of the cat pictures,
    Bonnie Gail Carter

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