43 thoughts on “Bungle in the Jungle

    • Thanks! His feathers are much better looking than when we rescued him. His beak had grown so long he couldn’t groom or preen his feathers. He still hasn’t learned how to preen or groom himself very well.

  1. Rene is very beautiful. He looks curious and happy. Maybe you could start a fan club; everyone loves him.

    • Thanks. René is quite a character, although he still has behavioral problems from the years of neglect before we got him. Our daughter originally took him and then we ended up with him because he was having problems with all the people and activity in her house. You can learn more about René, formerly known as Joey, at http://photoofthedayetc.com/2012/12/30/joeys-big-adventure/. If you search Elcectus Parrot on my blog, it will list all the blogs I’ve done with René.

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