Classic Kitties & René


Romeo, Tesla and Guildenstern were classic today. We went over the Lane’s house and played with Tesla and he posed for me. Then we dropped by Laurie’s parent’s house and Romeo was disgusted that we walked in smelling of Tesla. Earlier in the day we put carrot cake outside on the deck to cool, and when Laurie whispered “…don’t tell Guildenstern!” he perked right up and looked around to see what we were whispering his name for.

I took René in for his quarterly beak trim. Classical KHFM was playing an opera during our drive to the vet, and when René heard the woman’s voice he started to hoot and whistle like he does when he’s flirting with women. I found it interesting that he reacted the same way to a beautiful voice as he does to a beautiful woman.








Breakfast with Beaker


Laurie has to share her cereal and coffee with Beaker most mornings. Guildenstern thinks we have things all wrong — “one should have birds for breakfast, not have breakfast with birds” he meows — but he knows Beaker and René are formidable adversaries and stays clear of both of them. René is slowly getting better at flying and I’m slowly getting better at sneaking in better lighting to catch him in flight.





All Your Chair Are Belong To Us


Every time Laurie gets up from of her chair at the end of the table, Guildenstern gets in it. Once she moves Guildenstern off her chair and sits back down, René bombs his way over to her, flying from chair to chair (three chairs in all) to get across the counter and finally onto the table and over to Laurie.  I didn’t have the best lighting for capturing René in flight in these shots, so I set up a flash and tried to get him to do is chair to chair flight again, but he would have nothing to do with flying to the chair with that new fangled light source off to the side of it.

I adapted today’s title from the video “All Your Base Are Belong To Us”, a video that goes back to 2001. The title of the video was taken from a line in the 1991 introduction to an adaption of the arcade game “Zero Wing” that had really bad Japanese-to-English translation. Around our house, whenever you get up from a chair, a cat or a bird is likely to occupy it because to them “all your chair are belong to us!”






iPhone Animals


Often, when the kitties and birds are being cute, I pull out a camera and they cease being cute. But when I pulled out the iPhone (not the usual camera) Rosencrantz and René just stuck their faces in it.



You Did What?



I deleted myself from Facebook using the website which actually deletes all your data from selected websites if possible. rates each website from easy to impossible on it’s ability to delete your data from the site. René and Mama Manx were surprised I did it. While people complain about Facebook’s new user agreement, as long as they stay on Facebook Zuckerberg wins and gets the free use of their photos and personal data for advertising and whatever they want. But if all the people who are mad about the new user agreement dumped Facebook, then it might force Zuckerberg to change policies or Facebook to fade away into oblivion.





Out and About



I drove through north Corrales and all access to the river and bosque are closed. People say we are in a drought, but really we are experiencing what is more normal for arid New Mexico. So if the bosque and state parks and wilderness areas are only going to be open when we have above normal rainfall, New Mexico may end up being closed for longer than most of us will live. Rosencrantz was hanging out in the bamboo looking smart, and René was having a bad hair day after I gave him a shower.