Kitty and a Cake


We celebrated Laurie’s brother’s birthday tonight. Laurie made a chocolate Irish whiskey cake that was wonderful. Romeo, who is Laurie’s parent’s cat, was being especially cute tonight. The Sandias were in great pink form tonight, so I got up on the roof to get the photo. We are working on upgrading and consolidating our electrical service, which will allow us to remove the power pole with the light on it in the photo of the Sandias.




3 thoughts on “Kitty and a Cake

  1. -Today God pulled me a leg. I know he is aware I read your Blog and today I saw the local pheasant as usual looking for food. Now usually the pheasant is either walking step by step or he is using his wings and flying when in real danger.
    Today God fooled me and showed the pheasant knows another way of getting away fast. The pheasant was today getting away from ‘danger’ exactly the same way as the roadrunner does ( as far as I know it from the catroon movies). He was walking the roadrunner way so fast I couldnt see his legs anymore ) .

    I had a smile since a long long long time ………… 😉

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