Movember 2012

Here we are in the middle of November, which is the month of “Movember” where some men grow mustaches to raise money for prostate cancer research and men’s health. Last year I grew a mustache for Movember, and put up weekly, often creative, self portraits of my mustache’s progress (see above); however, besides the donations that Laurie and I made to Movember, only two other people, one a fellow cancer survivor, made a donation on my MoBro page — all that work and creativity turned out to be a bust. Which I suppose was because everyone had given all their money to breast cancer research with all those walks, runs, and trots for Tatas that thousands of people turn out for. It seems to me that everyone places their bets on boobs and let those poor, pathetic prostates be damned.

Nevertheless, I signed on to Movember again, but I’m not doing anything more than giving a donation. Besides, I still have a mustache — I certainly wasn’t going to shave it off and grow it again for nothing. But if you have a few dollars to spare, my MoBro page is at

The main Movember site is at

Finally, if you want a good laugh, I helped Ben Lolli film a trailer called “Mustache Empire” back in the fall of 2011. That was my first venture into cinematography.

Mustache Empire: