Girl Fight

Tristan and David had their annual solstice party tonight. In days of old, the Vikings celebrated solstice by sitting around the mead hall drinking, eating, messing with their swords, making up icelandic sagas and fighting. In the modern age, we sit in the living room drinking, eating, messing with phones, making up call center sagas, and fighting. Apparently not much has changed over the past thousand years or so.

While I was photographing all the action tonight, I noticed Laurie’s shoes sitting on the oriental rug and thought they would make an interesting photo. When I pointed my camera at the shoes, everyone started yelling at me not to photograph them, then called me a weirdo for photographing the shoes. They recanted on the photo and agreed that it was interesting when I showed it to them on the camera’s screen, but they still think I’m a weirdo.