Sangria Ingredients

There are many ways to make sangria, which is basically fruit soaked in wine. One recipe from Fine Cooking included dry riesling, pineapple, oranges and guava juice. For good measure a fluffy black cat blessed the ingredients, adding a touch of brujaria to the sangria.

The air was much warmer tonight, and it’s just now starting to cool off after 11:00 pm. The moon hasn’t come up, so it’s very dark outside the canopy. I ┬ácan see a few stars twinkling in the eastern sky, and the blinking lights of jets as they pass by on their way to the airport. It’s surprisingly quite for a Saturday night, which has made sitting outside really nice.

I got a photo of a golden dragonfly this morning, and added it to the series of dragonfly photos. This one let me get fairly close to it. The other photos include a backlit weed, a window in B&W, and a B&W panorama of the big tree on Coronado Road between Corrales Road and La Entrada.