The Big Dipper

After I posted my blog last night, Laurie and I laid out on our lawn chairs and looked at the stars. The big dipper was very clear.  I got up a 3:00 am to turn in the irrigation water, and discovered the Conservancy had buried our gate in the process of dumping dirt and grading it to build up the ditch bank. I put down the main gate, went back up to the house, grabbed a pair of gloves and a shovel, went back out to the ditch and spent the next 30 minutes in the dark, digging out our gate while standing on a 60 degree bank of loose dirt with the water rising quickly. I simply wanted to turn in the water and go back to bed like I normally do, but I feel like I got the “Spanish Inquisition” instead.

We went on the Corrales garden tour today. I’m still working my way through the photos, but some of the critters, a more exotic stripey plant and old adobe building were the most interesting photos that I’ve worked on so far.