A Sparrow’s Tale in 6 minutes

4:13:28 PM — A baby sparrow awaits its mama, perched outside our bay window.

4:14:39 PM — Mama shows up, and junior flutters his wings asking mama to give him the tasty bug she has in her beak.

4:14:42 PM — Mama feeds junior the insect.

4:14:43 PM — Junior asks for more food.

4:14:48 PM — Mama lectures junior about being an unappreciative, demanding, gluttonous little bird brat — junior hangs his head in shame.

4:14:49 to 4:16:06 PM — Mama hops around from branch to branch, with junior following and continuing to beg.

4:16:07 PM — Mama takes a break from branch hopping and starts lecturing junior again. He just closes his eyes and waits for her to go find him more food.

4:16:40 PM — Junior waits patiently, looking for mama to return with more food.

4:19:46 PMv — Mama returns and feeds junior another insect. Papa observes from a distance.

4:19:48 PM — Junior asks for more food. Papa ducks in anticipation of mama’s response.