Hang Six

“Yee Ha! Hangin’ six! Let it blow! Let it blow!” is what I believe this dragonfly might have been saying as it windsurfed while holding on to a spent rosebud. That smile on its face was either equivalent to clinching its teeth while holding on for dear life, or it was simply having a great time being whipped around by the wind.  The second photo is a Robber Fly with dinner. It had a nice profile in the low, afternoon sunlight. In the last photo, the dragonfly was so attached to the cotton covered rose hip it was hanging onto in the wind, that it let me get as close as my 100 mm macro lens would allow me to me to focus.

Tristan came out and cooked a great shrimp scampi for Father’s Day, and a friend who is in town came out a visited before she heads back to Chicago. Having shrimp scampi, german chocolate cake, coffee and visiting with Lynn was a very nice way to spend the afternoon on Father’s Day.

We put Stretch inside around 6:30 pm so he wouldn’t give us a hard time coming in later. Laurie was deadheading some of the rose bushes around the deck while I was working on photos. Stretch was meowing around in the catio, and about 7:00 pm he came strutting out from between a rose bush and the day lilies, just as bad, sassy and proud of himself as he could be. He sauntered up onto the deck, looked straight at me and meowed like “Here I am! So there!” I believe he paid to close attention to the movie the “Grand Illusion”, a 1936 classic about French officers who escaped from a German POW camp in WWI. They dug a tunnel in one POW camp, and Stretch took that to heart and tunneled out of the catio.  I had to interrupt preparing photos for the blog to block up Stretch’s tunnel and cat proof it or at least make it harder for his next great escape.