The Harley and the Bike

My blood draw and port flush went well, other than how the port kept oozing blood after the nurse took the needle out. I had five bandaids on the port when I left. Today was one of those rare days that I had a bleeding heart. The blood stopped oozing when I read that Obama and Cameron were comparing themselves to Reagan and Thatcher. Give me a break! They are complete opposites.

Laurie usually eats green chile stew or carne adovada stew for breakfast on the way into the university in the morning. This morning she decided to try granola with milk on the way in. She managed not to spill it all over herself on the bumpy roads, and stop and go traffic, which was really good, but I think the granola influenced my bleeding heart.

I didn’t stick around for the results of my blood tests, and I assume they are normal since I didn’t get a call from the nurse telling me anything was out of whack. I have my PET scan on the 31st, the day after Memorial Day. The problem with that is I’m not supposed to eat carbs or exercise 24 hours before the PET scan. Hmmm! I guess I’ll have to laze around and eat steak all day on Memorial Day;• )

I actually did the Post Office run around today without getting PO’d. I purchased a business reply mail permit (BRM), “no postage necessary…” for the office. I had to go to the main post office once, and the downtown post office twice to complete the process; but the postal workers in the business department were nice, and got kind of excited to have something to do for the 45 minutes it took to complete all the paperwork.

On the way to the PO today, I came across a new Harley parked outside a bank. The sunset behind the leaf was irresistible, and another new iris bloomed.

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