Got Milk?

Rosencrantz wanted to me to put a “Got Milk?” ad on my blog — being a cat, he doesn’t understand the milk mustache that celebrities sport on the ads in the magazines. He thinks everyone should lap milk out of a saucer like cats, and quit wasting it on their upper lips.

The line-up for our anniversary dinner includes: Vietnamese style beef, stir fry vegetables. brown rice, Asti sparkling wine and devil’s food cake. Although it may seem a little dull, the recipes are from our Fine Cooking magazines, so they are anything but dull. The cake is made with buttermilk with a chocolate ganache frosting.

I made one of my best ever carne adovada stews this afternoon. One change I made was cutting the potatoes into small cubes and frying them like hash browns before adding them to the stew. The stew has Anasazi pinto beans, carne adovada, potatoes, fresh onions and garlic, red chile, smoked paprika and herbs. I made about 14 quarts that we will freeze in lunch-sized containers.

I was messing around with my camera this afternoon and made a pinhole lens out of an extension tube. The photograph of the chairs and table are done with the pinhole lens. I need to do a little more experimenting with the different lengths of of the extension tubes and different sized pinholes. Laurie thinks it’s silly to make a pinhole camera out of a modern DSLR, but I think it’s cool!

One think nice about hot days is the nights are very comfortable for sitting out on the deck to work on photos and blogs. The rose today is another bloom from Cherry Parfait. Laurie thinks it looks like the coloring was affected by the cold. The pink peonies are still blooming and I found a stink bug and made it pose for me. It was very reluctant and raised quite a stink.