Spiders and Things

The cutest little spider hopped up on my finger while I was holding the leaf it was on trying to stabilize it in the wind. Once it got on my finger it was easier to photograph. Lane commented that the spiders are good models for me. I told him it’s because I tell them how cute and beautiful they are. Even spiders react well to complements!

I notice we have some different bees working the salvia. They looked like honey bees at first, but after a closer look, I could see that they are darker and their eyes are shaped differently from what I would call a standard honey bee. These bees were feeding on the plants, but didn’t seem to be collecting pollen.

There was a tiny little hopper hanging out on Pink Cascade this morning that turned out to be a great model.  It posed in several different position and looked very cute.  Laurie was trying to decide if it was beneficial or not. If not, a predator will have to take care of it — since it was such a great model, it earned it’s right to live as far as I’m concerned.

On the other hand, a lady bug on one of the roses was a terrible model. It would not hold still for a moment, and with the low light in the late afternoon, a 30th of a second was not fast enough to freeze the movement of a hyper lady bug. There weren’t any aphids on the rose it was racing around on. I’ll have to wait until the roses have aphids — I think lady bugs will hold still for a moment while they are chowing down on aphids.