Rosencrantz and Guildenstern ARE NOT Dead

Neither we nor the cats nor the bird were raptured. Oh well, I guess we have to live on in our ever-changing world. Coast to Coast AM had interesting guests and calls last night, and one common thread that developed was that people like to believe in doomsday soothsaying because they have trouble dealing with a rapidly changing world. They find comfort in the idea of being taken away rather than having to cope with reality and change.

We just finished listening to the last hour of last night’s Coast to Coast AM, and George Nori apparently disappeared in the middle pronouncing of the word “taken”.  Ian Punnet is on tonight, so maybe we’ll learn more about what happened to George. He could have been raptured or abducted by aliens.

The speaker at the Last Breakfast today was New Mexico’s Butterfly Guy, Steve Cary. He gave a good presentation and we bought his book Butterfly Landscapes of New Mexico. We have quite a few butterflies in our yard, but there are a surprisingly large number of butterflies that live at even higher elevations. The most interesting thing we learned is that the larvae and caterpillars eat a few specific plants, depending on the species, but the adults eat pretty much anything.

The wind was blowing most of the afternoon, so I didn’t see many butterflies, although the bird in the photo series tonight did catch a white butterfly on the wing. Besides Rosencrantz and Guildenstern, I included a dandelion and a peony.