40 thoughts on “Eclectic and Electric

    • I’m not sure electric fences are legal for security here. Concertina wire isn’t always legal either. But this place is getting away with it. Thanks, Roberta.

      • We use to use electric fences to keep horses from breaking down the fences. I don’t know if people use those time of electric fences these days.

      • Were you outside look in, or inside looking out when you took the photo? 😉

      • Outside looking in. While am often “…sitting here lonely like a, a broken man” these days, but neither the Animals nor Grand Funk Railroading has me on the Inside Lookin Out.

    • It’s a lot more difficult to find interesting stuff around the new office. I only needed to step out the door downtown to find weird and interesting subject matter. Thanks, Lavinia.

  1. Now that is cute little parking pads complete with sharp looking hawgs! Concertina is some wicked stuff and one of those devices that exude pain whenever you see it.

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