41 thoughts on “Noli me tangere

      • It went through my mind even before I clicked further. Some words just translate regardless of the language. But as you say below, I did then wonder because the image is brioll that way re the standing on bit. So thank you for the historical connotation below too. It’s fascinating.

    • I thought I should add that sometimes it’s translated as “Don’t tread on me” like the motto on the Gadsden flag. The 1861 Alabama flag has “Noli me tangere” on one side of the flag. It was a popular phrase for the early years of the revolutionary USA and has been used as a motto by various military squadrons.

  1. See that, right there one, two, three, four perfect reasons we do not own a kitty! Dogs walk across me in the morning and whack the side of my face to wake up and take them out..no harm, no pain, just a bit startled when coming out of deep sleep. If a cat does that you are calling a blood bank for a withdrawal. Didn’t Hemingway have kitties with SIX toes … shudder.

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