49 thoughts on “BCC

  1. Nice shot. The forming of contrails depends on the weather conditions on high altitude, the dryer the air, the faster the contrails disapear. So problably that was not the case.

  2. I have only once been in a free flying hot-air balloon. That was in Cappadocia in Turkey Great experience and lots of striking landscapes (and other balloons) to photograph. But what I like about this photo is the sensation of something so small, so alone, so fragile, floating in such a vast sky.

    • The weather has been very uncooperative. They were going to try to set the world record for the most radio controlled balloons in flight at once on Wednesday, but it rained all day. They are going to try tomorrow if enough of the people with radio controlled balloons have stayed in town. Thanks, Resa.

      • Interesting.
        How many balloons would it take for a world record? Looks like a world record already, to me. xx

      • The current world record is 55. They were hoping for 75, but anything over 55 is good enough.

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