Carolingian Minuscule Anyone?

I don’t suppose these young Renaissance enthusiasts changed the fonts in their instant messengers to Carolingian minuscule for texting while in character. Carolingian minuscule was developed in the middle ages (the “Dark Ages” to the Renaissance humanists) during the reign of Charlemagne, but those very humanists thought that the Carolingian minuscule script was so beautiful that it had come from their beloved Roman Empire. So much so, that the humanists mistook old Carolingian manuscripts from the 8th and 9th centuries as original ancient Roman manuscripts. Since the humanists failed in their backward quest to restore the glory of the Roman Empire, the Renaissance didn’t happen as it was supposed to. Scientific inquiry, experimentation, and observation, theology, economics, education, etc. of the time proved that so many things from the Roman Empire were wrong, “the Renaissance” is the high middle ages and the early modern period. However, it seems to me young people in costume, on their phones texting at a Renaissance Faire is true to the Renaissance.

Protodawn, predawn, dawn

37 thoughts on “Carolingian Minuscule Anyone?

  1. I looked up the two types of script. Carolingian minuscule script seems much more legible. I’ve never been to a Renaissance fair. Looks like fun.

    Those are beautiful dawn sky photos – colorful and textured clouds.

  2. Brilliant. In every way. I remember once in Tilos seeing a group of girls in traditional costume–I think it was some dance thing–and like that they all had their mobiles out and were texting away. I wasn’t fast enough on the camera button.

  3. Well, I doubt they’d be ‘texting’ back then 😂😂! Can you imagine a Renaissance person beaming to our world? I wonder how many seconds he’d last! 🤣
    On the other hand, he’d choose to stay because of your breathtaking skies! 🙏🏻

    • Old Charlemagne came closest to a true Renaissance when he tried to standardize Latin. That’s when the Europeans learned they didn’t speak Latin anymore, but instead they Spanish, French, Italian, etc. Charlemagne got writing cleaned up, legible, and with punctuation for his efforts to standardize Latin.

    • The crescent moon looks like a star in the upper left of the first photo and in the center of the second photo. Thanks, Mary Jo. Those creative anachronists have a way of bringing out the perspicacity in me. 🤪

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