Snake In The Grass

Tristan walked out to her car to go to work and discovered a large Diamond Back Rattlesnake beside her car. She when back inside, got her snake stick, and a 5-gallon bucket with a lid, put the snake in the bucket, put the lid on the buck, carried the buck with the snake in it out to the Petroglyph Park, and let the snake go. She said the snake was very calm the whole time.

A dazed Lesser Goldfinch sitting on Tristan’s thumb.

68 thoughts on “Snake In The Grass

  1. Wow. Calm, cool and collected is Tristan! Surely due to the way she was raised. And how wonderful that the goldfish came to alight on her finger! Love it.

  2. Oh my, I agree with Dale. That’s some calm and collected work there by Tristan. I would have went back inside and asked someone for help. Lovely little bird.

    • Absolutely. You don’t want the snake striking at the lid and biting you in the process. Thanks, Cheyenne.

    • This snake was so long that I had to use the lid to both trap and coax it in the bucket. He cooperated nicely tho, so that was fortunate.

  3. Did both these wildlife encounters take place on the same day? I didn’t even know that a snake stick was a thing, but I guess it makes sense if you are in an area with venomous snakes. The bird is really cute. I’m not sure if I like huge venomous snakes enough to call the snake cute. Both great photos though. Tristan took both the photos too?

    • We have snakes sticks for handeling the boa constrictor and when we need to move rattlesnakes. My sister uses a broom to heard rattlesnakes off her property, but I have had to collect the ones that refused to be hearded. Tristan took the photos and both critters were within hours of each other. Thanks, JYP.

    • Yep, both happened yesterday. Felt like a regular weird disney princess. Thankfully no one burst into song. I wish I had gotten a picture of the snake all stretched out like I encountered him in my front yard but we both weren’t expecting to see each other so I got my snake handling equipment before I got out my camera.

  4. My father had a pet rattlesnake as a child. Tristan is good, calm and caring snake handler. Not a surprise the rattler was calm for her.

    Did little bird hit a window, or was it the heat?

  5. My goodness…!! I would have called the local police, the army, the fire brigade… I just don’t like snakes.

    • If you don’t provoke the snakes, they are often fine with being moved. I had a conversation last night with ditch bank buddies who didn’t like skunks. They have dogs which is always a problem for skunks, but I explained if you don’t provoke or threaten skunks, they generally will not spray, and they often times want to play. Thanks, Marina.

  6. I love this matter of fact life situation of easily moving the snake to safety for the snake and the people. Many would be in pandemonium making for a crazy situation. Of course you have to know what you are doing! Nice!

  7. He was calm the whole time, and gave me a small rattle when I asked him to please vacate my bucket when we were at the release point (he had gotten slightly stuck on the bucket handle).

    The little bird knocked himself out flying into my sliding glass door, so I sat with him til he recovered to make sure no predators got him. it took him about 45 minutes to come to to the point of flying off. Just sat and chilled with us til he felt better.

    • Thanks, Samatha. The goldfinches are cute and sassy little birgs. That was a big rattler.

  8. Wow, kudos to Tristan. I had to go take care of a tiny 2 foot rat snake in our driveway that nearly stopped my wife’s heart the other day – came running back inside screaming and threatened to force us to move if I didn’t “take care” of. A hoe and a bucket and when she wasn’t looking I graciously let it free on my neighbors property – had it been a rattlesnake …good lord. For the record, that snake owes me!!

    • Overly dramatic if you ask me. Nice you slipped it over into the neigbor’s property. Thanks, Brian.

    • Out here the snakes are one of the best forms of rodent control. More people die of bubonic plague than snake bites out here. But a lot of people don’t get that. Thanks, Maj & Sher.

    • Spiders & snakes do give people the heebeejeebees. Do you know the old song “Spiders and Snakes” by Jim Stafford?

      • Has your dad had experience with snakes? He might be surprised how interesting they are. I had a stewardess friend who would visit when she was laid over in town. She thought she was terrified of snakes. I had a 15 foot long python at the time. She got curious about it, discovered it was a cool snake, and before long she was holding it over her shoulders.

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