79 thoughts on “Zombies Wear Hats

  1. We had high winds and rain today, but all is quiet this evening with a break in the clouds. The moon looks about 3/4 full tonight. I like your moon shadow and red sprites. I am happy to report no zombies seen up this way. ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. Zombie infestations are a pain in the ass – I usually put one of our puppies out in the back yard and pick them off when they come out of the treeline – you might be able to use one of your cats – except Spunk, we can’t have anything bad happening to him.

    • They have to first get past the other monsters on the property, then they get a 7.62×39 in their heads. No cats need to be involved. Thanks, Brian.

  3. Great stuff! Liking those final two shots a lot – bit of a cinematographic, sci-fi narrative mood going on there.


  4. I love that you aren’t scared to go out there and capture them with your camera. I hope they stay outside of your immediate property – not because you can’t handle them, but it does make such a horrid mess. Would the sprites be able t help, do you think?
    Fun photos!

  5. Timothy I am on my way to get my hair done, gotta cover that gray but I wanted to tell you that your poem was beautiful and that I couldn’t be happier to see your name up there with the winners. That was definitely worthy of being a winner. It was incredibly beautiful and extremely creative. You are a multi-talented and amazing man whom I have the greatest respect for because anyone God gives so many gifts too is special. But then Scott and I already knew that about you. Enjoy this win you deserve it. Hugs and love my friend. Yea!!!!! Celebrate – I am not much of a drinker but if I was there I would have a shot of tequila with you. Love, Joni

    • Thanks, Joni. I really appreciate your comment. On the poem. Have you heard of Minamata, Japan? W. Eugene Smith, a photographer for Live Magazine, lived in Minamata and published a book called “Minamata: Life Sacred and Profane” about the people surfing from the mercury poisoning in the bay. Smith was beaten very badly one night by fishermen who saw him as a threat to their jobs. He lost sight in one eye and died a few years later. He was a great loss to photography. I don’t think smith ever took a bad photo in his life. That’s what my poem was based on inspired by Gabrielas’ Sacred and Profane poem.

      No tequila for me. Nasty stuff, but it makes tasty margaritas. I’m sure you will have to keep all the men at bay when you walk out of the hair stylist.

      • You are such a sweetheart. I was thrilled to see you name. I couldnโ€™t look and so Scott was walking our dog and he called me. He was like honey Tim made it and he was so excited. Of course I was excited too. Your poem is amazing. Thank you for explaining your poem it was truly beautiful Tim. Love you Tim and grateful you have a sweet woman that makes you happy I am sure she is special. Love you both, Joni

  6. These pictures are so creepy and the moonlight adds to it. The mysterious atmosphere is adding to the abstractness of the entire story.. Hope to see more such mysterious clicks in your next posts.
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