Saved From Hell’s Fire Rhyme

Miss Mousie (House Mouse, Mus musculus) in our grill in her nest of pink insulation after I had removed her nest and five tiny mouselettes so I could use the grill. She and her mouselettes were lucky the insulation kept the third burner from lighting before I saw her nest of insulation and turned off the other two burners.

Little Miss Mousie faced the flames of hell
Under cover of an accommodating grill
The third burner it didn’t light
Covered in insulation she stole in the night
Mouselettes were lucky they were not well done
As I gathered them up one by one

I moved them to a waiting pan
With pink insulation she had on hand
I put them in a safe place well hidden
While I grilled the thighs of a Costco chicken
Cleaned the grill shut off the gas
With the mouselettes tucked deep in the grass

I put things in order, went in for the night
I fed the cats, I turned out the lights
When morning came I wasn’t thrilled
To find that Little Miss Mousie was back in the grill.

Silver: “You saved mouselettes instead of grilling them for me? What kind of low life, pathetic, paparazzo, loser of a cat herder are you, anyway?”

Me: “I’m not going to murder innocent little mouselettes who you wouldn’t eat, anyway! Besides, Shey’s Dudes would never forgive me.”

Silver: “Well I think I’m insultated you morbid, mouselette mothering Monothelite!”

Me: “Do you mean ‘Philistine’? I’ve never heard of insulting anyone by calling him a ‘Monothelite’ other than by you completing an alliteration!

Silver: “Are you saying I’m ‘alliterate’? Now I’m doubly instultated! You profligate, pink, pasty skinned prelate of Peromyscus!”

Me: “OK! You’re not ‘alliterate’! BTW, while on the subject of morbid mothering, Silver, the last rather large mouse you carried in the house from the catio like it was a wee little kitten is still hanging out under the stove in the kitchen.”

Silver: “I thought that was a gopher? My bad!”

76 thoughts on “Saved From Hell’s Fire Rhyme

  1. I’m glad you moved the little mice! I couldn’t imagine if I cooked the chicken then notice the baby mice! Not to delicious to us humans but your kitties would have loved that!

    • Thanks, Mya. I would have felt terrible if I had burned those poor little mice. Being burned alive is just too horrible to think about.

  2. “Me: “OK! Your not ‘alliterate’!”

    But people writing ‘your’ instead of ‘you’re’ are indeed alliterate! 🙂

      • You are a kitty whisperer, Tim! You know their language and you have been given the privilege of being their friends. Kitties are connoisseurs of confort and have an amazing ability of choosing their friends wisely.

      • They choose their subjects wisely. Kitties do choose us and they rule over us.

    • Hi Lavinia, the mouse in the grill is Mus musculus, a house mouse. Silver was showing off calling me a Peromyscus. Mama mouse did bring all her little ones back to the grill. They are all in the grill snuggled with mama in the insulation. It’s suppose to freeze tonight.

  3. Ohh poor little mousies… The idea of them getting burned alive is just horrible😖… Its a good thing you found them before… That happened.

    My cats don’t really eat mice.. They just play with them and chase them till they’re tired, then they might think of eating them..

  4. Great post. Love the words but I was thinking all the way re the cats and sure enough, you had a long talk with them!. You are a real kind guy, Tim. Hats off to you.

  5. I’m sure Silver thought they would be a nice gift to leave at the doorstep. There goes your Christmas present from the 3 Mouseketeers!! Now you’ll get coal. 🐭🐾🐾

    • Silver brings them into the house. No stopping at the threshold for him. I’ll sell the coal to power and electric car. Thanks, Holly.

  6. Ingenious post, Timothy!! As for your Act of Compassion, we did the same last year. I think hubby was more scared of the mouse then the mouse of him. LOL

    • Thanks, Amy Rose. The mouse was so surprised she took off. I made sure her little ones were protected and put them where she could find them. I’m sure you have had lots of kitty talks.

  7. Oh my! Lucky mommy mousie and her mouselettes. Bloody hell. I am so glad you could not light the burner! And she brought them back! Is she nuts? No, she is smart. She saw there was a kind human behind all of that…

    • Silver is very expressive, and he talks to me a lot. He challenges Spunk on everything, including modeling. I would have felt so bad had a burned those poor little mice. Mama mouse is happy to be back in the grill. Thanks, JYP.

  8. Quite the chuckle! Looks like your cats are as salty as my poodles when it comes to their opinions of us humans ha. Probably a tough life to be a mouse around your home!

    • You would think with 7 cats, mice would not be a problem. But I have 7 clueless cats, who cannot get it into their kitty heads that they are supposed to catch mice in the house and take them outside, not being mice into the house from outside. Thanks, Brian.

  9. You are very sweet, Tim, and that is one funny poem.
    The conversation finishes you off nicely.
    Obvi, the mouse preferred the grill. I’m sure it’s safer than the grass.
    There’s a mouse under a cupboard here. Jeep has been diligent. I know her. It might take 3,4,6 months, but she’ll nab it. I only hope I’m around to free it,, and put it back outside.

    • Thanks, Resa. The kitties were looking at the dish rack the other day. I pulled out the drain tray and a mouse popped out and went scurrying off with cats on its tail. It made a mad dash across the floor and made it under the couch. The cats circled and swarmed all around the couch. Then I saw the mouse bounding across the floor with the cats on its tail again. I made it under the refrigerator. Then I saw it dash across the kitchen and run under the stove. The cats swarmed around the stove. Mind you, Silver brought that mouse into the house. I think they chase mice for exercise.

      • Najar was our mouser. She was so fast that no mouse got by her. Then there is old Spunky Poo. He is slow and a bit of a clod. I’ve only seen him with one mouse. That was after he lost a fight with a mouse. The next day he brought Laurie a mouse to redeem himself from his humiliating defeat. Spunk is more cerebral and a mental case, than he is athletic. He gets by on cleverness, cuteness and charm.

        The kittens are more interested in playing with mice. They don’t have that killer instinct like Najar had. Silver just wants to carry them around like they are wee little kittens. Loki kills mice if he catches them, but he doesn’t go out of his way to hunt them or catch them. They have to come to him. Sasha and Marble are on the fence.

      • Hahahahaha!!!!!
        You have quite the assortment there.
        Johnny is terrified of mice.
        Jeep will give him a post… like under a rad, or at a baseboard. He is obedient to her, but shakes with fear the mouse will emerge.
        Kisses for Spunkie-Poo 💋
        Pets all around!

  10. Your poem and the mouselets made me smile. I imagine they’ve had several lucky escapes with your kitties being around – perhaps that’s why she prefers the grill, kitties not being cooks.

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