Turnip The Volume* & Groove To The Beet

Dolores and I finished cleaning up our old office space in Downtown Albuquerque this morning. The lease ends on Thursday. While the restaurant space below our office was vacant for the last five months of 2020 and the first 5 months of 2021, the ACRE • Comfort Vegetarian • restaurant started remodeling the space below our offices as we were moving the remainder of our staff out of the office in June. This is the second location for the ACRE. Owner Sean Weed planned to open in August, but the City dragged its feet on approving all the permits until last week. We saw Sean as we were getting ready to leave, and he told us he’s opening tomorrow morning, Monday, September 20, 2021. He invited us inside to see the restaurant. If you live or work in or near Downtown Albuquerque, the ACRE looks like it has excellent vegetarian and vegan dishes. If you look at their website, not only will you see clever puns like “Turnip The Volume”, “Flex Your Brussels”, and “Lettuce Serve You”, you will see creative and appetizing dishes listed on their menus at reasonable prices.

*One of the clever puns on the ACRE’s • Comfort Vegetarian • website: https://www.theacrerestaurant.com/press

61 thoughts on “Turnip The Volume* & Groove To The Beet

    • I was pleasantly surprised by the puns. It looks like a really good restaurant. The other one is in the Heights where I rarely venture these days. I get culture shock when I go to the Heights. Unless I really, really have to go to the Heights, I stay in my little piece of paradise.

  1. Wow! What a beautiful space… I’d definitely go and I’m no way near vegetarian 😉 Though I am not opposed to eating a meal or two.

    • Hi Dale. Sean has done a wonderful make over of the space. I’m an omnivore, so I’ll eat about anything except Orejas (pig ears). I had them once when we lived in Spain. They were the most disgusting things I had ever tried. I ended up sneaking and spitting the one I tried out in a plant.

      • He really has.
        I’m with you. I’ll eat just about anything. Never tried pig ears…thinking I’m in no rush for that one.

      • After we did performances, we were aften fed by the hosts. We had played a concert in a village north of Mardrid. At the reception, a waiter brought out the orejas. They looked good in a barbeque-type sauce and all the locals were saying how great orejas were and that we had to try them. They were slimy, hairy, chewy, and crunchy all at the same time. Absolutely disgusting.

  2. Wishing them the very best.

    Regardless of the happy talk about businesses returning, it is still especially a difficult time, particularly in the food and hospitality sector. One of the best restaurants locally closed forever over a year ago after 30 years in business. They also had a bakery which they closed as well. The owner had kept his staff at full salary for more than four months until he ran out of money. The federal assistance money, he said, was so poor you couldn’t operate with takeaway orders.

    • Thanks, David. A lot of restaurants went out of business down here last year. The ones that survived are doing quite well now.

  3. This is epic. Love the slogans and the decor. Really cool. What a shame you are having to move. It would ahve been tres handy. We’ve been very lucky here re all our restaurants. They seem to have managed to weather the many storms. I would love to eat here. We’re not full vegan but pretty close.

      • Riding Route 66 is an epic event. Well maybe you’ll make it out this way for some other reason.

      • Perhaps, life is Unpredictable. Your life in the bosque is an experience worth traveling for , I’m lucky to get a weekend without being on call these days. Enjoy your day dear Timothy!

  4. It looks very tempting! Perhaps in an alternative universe this franchise will be spreading all over the world rather than the ones we have.

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