55 thoughts on “Cator Mortis Hold

    • Silver and Glenda. Glenda was feeling left out and and had to put herself into the action. Thanks, Lavinia.

      • Wow… do you have jamones? from Spain? now I understand why they like to be photographed 😊

      • We do get jamones from Spain. I think Tristan got two legs this year. The cats are always doing something cute to be photographed.

      • We moved to Madrid, Spain when Tristan was 9 and moved back here when she was 14. She is still a Madrileña. She works as a bilingual rep and she still speaks with a Madrid accent.

      • Lol so are we talking about a madridista. Which soccer team is he from, from Atletico …… from Madrid?

      • Well, that’s fine if they gave me a choice, I’d choose Atleti. I was born in Catalonia and I’m from Barça 😊

      • You don’t have any choice. I think my nephew is plays soccer in college likes Barça.

      • When I lived in Spain, my nails grew better with the higher humidity. I could use my natural nails to play flamenco guitar. It’s so dry here, my nails crack and break. When I play flamenco guitar, I have to glue nails on my right hand.

      • Not for flamenco. Finger picks would go flying all over the place with the first rasqueado and likely hit a dancer or singer or both in the eye.

    • Yeah! Right! Be carful what you say about cats close to Halloween. Especially black cats. Thanks, Brian.

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