45 thoughts on “As The Crow Flies

    • Hi Lavinia. Thousands of crows fly in a long, continuous line above the Rio Grande that we call the crow highway.

    • They were flying between trees after sundown trying to find the best place to roost. Thanks, David.

      • O/T: You might interested that Leland Sklar, bassist supreme, has a YouTube channel talking about all of the artists he’s performed with. It’s almost a master class. Tells a lot of stories too, in between playing the bass part of different songs he has played on. Many of the songs are those he did with Phil Collins. This is his new web site: https://lelandsklarsbeard.com/

      • Thanks for the link, David. Leland has a cool channel. I thought you were going to say he played for Counting Crows, but I did a quick look through and didn’t see Counting Crows right off hand. I noticed he comes up against the great Google blockers quite a bit. One reason I don’t post parodies on YouTube. I did post Shin Bone on YouTube, to see what would happen. It was originally blocked in the EU, but I noticed it’s been opened up to everyone. I did go to the trouble to get onto Sony’s permission list for doing parodies. Maybe that helped, but I can’t say. I also listened to his “I’m pissed off” video. People can be such dickheads. Anyone who has posted copyrighted material on YouTube knows you can’t monitize it. Geeze. Anyone with a brain and ears can tell Leland is simply doing what he loves, having fun and being very gracious about sharing his experiences and bass playing with people. Although, from the videos I sampled, he didn’t slap his basses.

      • I have music videos of Elizabeth in performance, I can’t upload them for whatever reason. They claim copyright infringement. The last time I checked, it’s okay to cover someone else’s songs. YouTube is replete with covers. Vince Gill covered an Eagles song, it’s banned in the USA. All of their songs are copyrighted here in the USA. Ask me, Google doesn’t know what they’re doing … they are just cataloging everything under the song. Another gripe about Google is that they said I don’t own the copyright on my own Master’s thesis. Sorry, I do. Just because they found my thesis in the University of Colorado library doesn’t mean I signed over my copyright to the university. And, I don’t need the copyright registration to own it. Your Laurie may want to check on her recent papers.

        Leland, that’s the one thing I noticed – he doesn’t slap his basses. I see that as making him a master bass player. There’s nothing wrong about slapping basses, but I find it a little distracting if it doesn’t fit in with the flow of a song. Not sure, but I think he’s signed up for the big reunion Genesis/Phil Collins tour next year. He loves being on tour.

      • Google drives me crazy. I was kidding about him slapping his bass. He doesn’t need to do no stinking slapping. Slapping is a big deal to some bass players.

    • Hi Shey. Crows are really cool birds. Too smart for their own good sometimes, but very entertaining. They are bold birds, also. I seen them attach hawks and eagles, and they especially don’t like those mostly white, webbed footed foreigners who fly up along the Rio Grande on birdie vacations, the Seagulls. I’ve seen crows scrapping with seagulls and getting into seagull’s faces telling the off. I assume the crows are telling the seagulls to go back where they came from.

      • This is why I like them. I find them very intelligent in the way they sit on the trees here in oor humble garden letting the smaller birds get their food without taking a thing themselves but see when some bigger ‘preddy comes their way like a seagull …well.. they are savage in terms of chasing them, They don’t touch the magpies, the squirrels, the robins , they, despite being sat right there. with their seriously ‘big take you out in a sec beaks’n all.’ ( and btw.. where we live… I have had to take seagulls oot wi a handbag in a taxis queue at 3 iam. They are that bad. Kid you not ) Crows are not scavengers or killers that way. That is why I like them .

      • That’s cool they take care of you and the other critters. Seagulls can be really aggressive.

      • The prob wi the seagulls is they are scavengers pure and simple and they now where we live, being so near the river, hunt in flocks, setting about people who eat out of doors. That night in the taxi queue my pal wasn’t even eating anything and it just swooped on her. One time we sitting outside a pub in Edinburgh and this one bombed in and started knocking over empty glasses, so they were flying everywhere and smashing. They also bash up and down the flat bit of our roof like they are wearing hob nailed boots. The noise is unbelievable. You’d think a herd of elephants was up there. They actually do a lot of damage to roofs

      • The little interaction I’ve had with them is they are pesky birds, but for you they are destructive birds.

      • Yeah. They are not interested in getting anything from the sea at all. Sometimes we get a fish supper and sit at the harbour and you have to very careful.

  1. Oh how beautifully you captured the magnificence of the crow here, Timothy. Nice to see the crow perched in the willow (?) tree, and then the flight series is also wonderful. When you’re watching a crow, there’s always something interesting going on.

  2. Awesome! I kinda like crows, very intelligent, they can even use tools when necessary. It almost looks like your crow has 3 small holes in his wing, or is that just an illusion?

  3. Very neat, Tim.
    i’m thinking taking shots of birds in flight is a difficult proposition, at best.
    Very mysterious looking…mystic.

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