35 thoughts on “Boxing Before Bedtime

  1. They both look happy in their relative positions in and out of the box. Brothers lying around on a summer evening 🙂

    • Silver did and few walk by slaps. But he was mostly watching. There’s a shot where Loki and Spunk are looking at Silver. Thanks, Maj & Sher.

    • They do plenty of boxing on me during the night. Silver will be stretched out on my legs. SPunk will be licking him. Then they start biting at each other, which quickly turns into a full tumble and roll boxing match on me.

    • Hi Holly. Get a kitten. Adult cats won’t necessarily learn to get along. Especially if Bagheera thinks he’s a people.

  2. Hahahahahahahaha!
    The gloves are on.
    Spunkie Poo 💋 Good technique. Thinking outside the box!
    Egads cats are wonderful.

    • HI Charlotte. That’s funny. Spunk is a soprano, but Loki’s is more like a baritone.

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