Night Heron @ Night

We started our walk on the ditch after sundown last light. As we were walking north on the levee, this Night Heron flew up in the tree along the clearwater ditch. He perched very close to us. Night Herons are usually very timid. Maybe he felt secure in the darkness because he stayed perched on the branch in clear view and turned from one side to the other as I snapped photos of him.

34 thoughts on “Night Heron @ Night

  1. Special animal. Wonderful embrace. They are Especially particular about their engagements. No surprise they trusted you guys to play near and record. Thanks, though. Rare is an understatement. Big ole 🙂

  2. Your bosque animals know and trust you. They pose for you. The owls come when you call them. Thanks for sharing them. 🙂

    • Thanks, Susan. The owls haven’t been coming when I call lately. We hear them, but haven’t seen much of them the last couple of week.

    • It’s not totally dark. It’s about the same state of twilight I photographed the owls in.I have to use high ISO (6400), + a stop or two and hold the camera very still. Focusing is the biggest challenge.

      • Wow!! ISO of 6400! Your pictures came out so clear. How big is your sensor? I am just amazed! I can understand about the focusing in low light. That happens to me all the time with my long lens on cloudy days.

  3. Surely one of the most beautiful large birds The Blue Heron. Your photographs are wonderful, he does seem to be posing for you, I guess he wants to share his beauty!

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