38 thoughts on “Nighthawks

  1. Pretty birds, I imagine their flight patterns are a bit jerky whilst catching the insects, I hope you have some video? Perhaps a new music video in the works?

    • Hi Tiffany. I don’t know about video. It’s pretty dark and they are fast. I’m not sure I can get them to show up on video in the twilight.

  2. Love the aqua wing stripes very F-(insert number) jet nimble. The blurr from the motion just makes the pics even better. Rather than freezing them, I experience the motion.

    • Thanks, Jordan. I have shots that are clear, but I thought they were boring and didn’t show the stripes as well as the second photo.

      • I’m glad you posted these instead. The impressionist edges with full focus in centers really works as art images that convey more evocative qualities than clear images would. I like the stop-action that’s not stopped.

      • Cool. These intensely embrace flight. It’s like drawing a circle. It’s a continual change of direction, curvilinear Nature incarnate in simply free-handing the circle. Was a consistent Sumi Brush exercise in my martial arts training. I see that consequence here in the images. They are alive in that they are not captured, the moment is embraced.

        Thank you for following my blog. I appreciate that.

    • Thanks, Holly. It’s really fun to watch several of them flying around erratically. It’s a wonder they don’t run into each other.

      • Nighthawks don’t have echolocation like bats, they are just quick and can change direction very fast. They can open their beaks really wide to catch lots of insects.

      • I love blackbirds, they always look like boomarangs flying around up there. I really didn’t know they were up there catching insects, that’s very interesting!

      • With all the bats, swallows and nighthawks flying around after insects we get quite an aerial display of them flying every which way.

      • It sounds really cool.
        We just had quite a weather show here. The yard is covered with hail. I got a forecast that said showers, so I went outside and pulled the Toyota into Mother Nature’s car wash. Rain blowing from from one side, but that side of the car got a good rinse. Right after I pulled back under the carport the hail started. Stuff was blowing sideways so high that I need to go out and check for damage, despite being under a cover… But it was good rain! 🙂

    • I’m using a Canon 7D Mark II with a 70-200mm lens (105-320mm on the 7D’s crop sensor). It shoots at 10 frames per second which helps a lot. You have to move with the birds while firing off shots, which is difficult because they are so fast.

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