Frog At The Gate

I irrigated this morning. When I went out to let in the water at 5:30 am, there was a bullfrog at the gate. The temperature was 45º F (7.2º C) and Mr. Frog stood his water and held tight even though the gate made a lot of squeaking noises as I cranked it open, and the current from the water rushing into the culvert tugged at his buoyant body.

43 thoughts on “Frog At The Gate

      • Definitely. Frogs are Cuter. Frogs are ultimate predators. Frogs are ribbit. Frogs are a full-on totem of transformation. Mostly, though, frogs rock for many more reasons than I could ever express! It’s kinda like taking Pi out to … HOW many digits? 🙂

    • He was still holding tight when I walked back to the property, but he wasn’t there 3 hours later when I closed the gate. Thanks, Laurie.

  1. How many acres do you irrigate? What crops? Rio Grande your the water source? Heck, we’re gonna have to come visit so I can see your operation, LOL.

    • Hi Maj & Sher. I irrigate about 1/2 an acre of the 1.5 acres that could be irrigated. In 2011 when the conservancy district started restricting water because of the drought, I dug new ditches and rerouted the water to essential areas. I water roses, flowers and fruit trees. We don’t bother with growing vegetables anymore. Between late and early frosts, and all the critters we don’t end up with much produce for ourselves. Raccoons are especially bad about eating our crops, and they are very wasteful, besides.

      If you are RVing in this part of the country you are welcome to stop in. We have a place you can park your RV with electricity.

      • Thank you so much Timothy we appreciate your kind invitation and hopefully once we get back on the road safely with this virus thing we will be able to swing by your neck of the woods.

    • Hi Jet. I like the bullfrogs even though they are pests. They have wiped out the leopard frog population in this area.

      • I didn’t want to be a downer about the bullfrogs’ invasive qualities, but I do sympathize in hearing that they wiped out your leopard frog population. Nice that you still appreciate this one’s visit.

    • Hi Charlotte. Our average rainfall is 8 inches (20.3 cm) a year. Humidity is normally below 20% but gets much lower. We live in a high desert. The Spaniards brought their irrigation techniques to this dry land well over 300 years ago, and we still carry on in much the same way today.

      We have rose bushes, fruit trees flowers, ground cover and a large stand of black bamboo that gets irrigated. I also have several drip systems set up that I use to water plants that don’t get irrigated from our well.

      To get an idea of how dry it is out here, from Dec 2102 to July 2013 our weather station recorded zero precipitation. It also recorded zero precipitation from October 2016 to April 2017. We’ve been getting a little more rain and snow for the past couple of years, but it’s always very dry here.

      • I looked up London to compare it averages approximately 106 rainy days each year and receives a total of 22.976 inches (583.6 millimeters) of precipitation annually. In Glasgow in Scotland where I lived for four years the average rainfall is 1124.3mm yearly with over 170 days of rain each year actually it felt like more than that 😄. I grew up near Chester it comes in at 34th wettest out of 63 cities, with 726mm of annual rainfall and 136 days per year with rain ☔️. I’ve never looked that up before so that’s something new for me to know.

        We now have a lemon tree and bay tree on our balcony.

      • Our days are measured in sunshine. Not uncommon to have years with over 300 days of sunshine. Otherwise we average around 280 days of sunshine a year. Nice to add trees to your balcony.

  2. That’s a handsome bullfrog. Yes, they are a ravenous species, but I always enjoyed their booming calls. I haven’t run into any here yet, though I remember them well from New England.

    • Thanks, Holly. That’s good you don’t like holding them. It’s really bad for frogs to be handled as handling them messes up the protective slime they have on their skin.

  3. He’s a cutie! I keep hearing a bullfrog near our house, been hearing it for a couple of weeks, but there isn’t really water around us so I was very puzzled. I finally figured out it is a bird! I think it’s some kind of mocking bird that mimics what it hears, so funny! I’ve watched him, he has a bunch of sounds!

    • Birds are so funny. We have a hard time distingiushing between the bird mimicking the cats and the cats. Thanks, Tiffany.

    • Thanks, Gabriela. We took a long walk in the bosque. A friend who used to live here called so we face timed so he could see all the beauty of the bosque and Rio Grande with the kayakers paddling by.

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