47 thoughts on “Pillow Fight

  1. That image could have come right out of a painting from centuries gone by. There is something both eternal and ephemeral about the beauty of blossoms.

  2. Sometimes, rose-growers have a good sense of humour. Must think it over, if there wasn’t some place for a ‘Pillow Fight’ near my rosy-white ‘Aspirin’, just to enjoy the names, whenever I see them.

    • You never know what the cats might be up to, just about anything you can imagine from the title might en up being correct. Thanks, Maj & Sher.

  3. A feast for the senses. I can almost smell the delicious fragrance and feel the soft petals. I’ve always imagined what it would be like to lie down I’m a bed of Roses sans thorns. 🌹

    • Thanks, Holly. The kitties love to lie in under the rose bushes. I have to get under them to work on drippers and soaker hoses. I come out looking like I tangled with a wildcat.

      • How those kitties must love the sweet scent of the roses and cool earth in their shade. I’m not sure what purpose the long thorns on rose stems provide , I’m going to have to look into that. A gorgeous photograph!

      • Roses are originally desert plants and desert plants tend to be thorny. The kitties love the shade and protection of the rose bushes. Especially the rose bushes that have lots of catnip growing under them.

    • Thanks, Charlotte. I usually leave the dead and dying parts of the plants in photos.

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