Feline Matchmaking

Resa, who has the Art Gowns blog, and Spunk have had a thing going for a while now. When I posted The Persistence of Spunkery a couple of weeks ago, Holly and Marina got confused and thought that Resa’s cat Jeep* and Spunk had a thing going. With inspiration from Holly and Marina and collaboration with Resa, I wrote a song about our feline matchmaking and creating a modern, virtual, long-distance romance during these times of Covid cooties between Jeep and Spunk.

Feline Matchmaking
Music & Lyrics by Timothy Price
Inspired by Holly and Marina
Collaboration between Resa and Timothy

Can we have long-distance love
For kitties locked down, locked in, Zoomed?

Jeep’s up north to the east
Spunk’s down south to the west

Jeep says meuw, not meow
Spunk says mew followed by a growl

Jeep is four dimensions in three
Spunk’s dimensions? Egyptian eyes
Jeep is a sweet girly whirly
Spunk has his destructive manly ways

Girly/Manly ways attract
Virtual romance for a matter-of-fact

Feline matchmaking during Covid cooties
Long-distance love-making, feline beauties
Purring, growling, rubbing screens
Jeep and Spunk have hit the scene

Virtual love and Covid Cooties
Modern romance oh so beauti…
Full of screen-time Zoom Zoom Zoomed

Feline matchmaking, Covid cooties
Long-distance love-making, feline beauties
Purring, growling, rubbing screens
Jeep and Spunk have hit the scene

*Jeep is named after Eugene the Jeep in the Popeye comic strip[1]. The vehicle we know of as a Jeep was also named after Eugene the Jeep by soldiers during WWII who thought the Willys MB light utility vehicle was “small, able to move between dimensions and could solve seemingly impossible problems”[2].

62 thoughts on “Feline Matchmaking

      • Yes it all started with Holly and then you thinking Jeep and Spunk had something going when it was really Resa and Spunk who had the virtual romance. Resa and I decided to follow the inspiration you and Holly provided and get Jeep and Spunk into a long-distance virtual kitty romance. The Smitten Kittens, as Holly noted. “The Smitten Kittens” might have to be the next song and video.

  1. Timothy , I’m still smiling so big. This is so awesome! Hats off to you and Resa … and Jeep and Spunk. If Marina and I inspired such amazing collaboration we must do it again. Your ode to the kitties is perfection and of course those smitten kittens are as cute as buttons.

    • Hi Milly. I’m so happy I could bring some brightness to your day. Especially after all the hell you’ve been though during the pandemic. Kitties are a good source of distressing and healing.

  2. “You got it” Tim :)) That’s a much better musical score for that subject! Ye’r lead guitar sounded great. The overall mix is probably one of the best you’ve done to date. Drums must taken half an Eon to compose :))


    • Thanks, Ron. The drums did take a bit of doing to put together. Once I got an idea of how I was going to do the song, I started with the drum track, added an initial vocal track with the drums, played the rest of the music, and then did the final vocal track. It worked out pretty well for mixing it all together.

  3. LOVE THIS!!!
    The song is fab, the video is perfect, Jeep and Spunk are sooo photogenic!
    Tim, you outdid yourself! The guitar, the mix, video editing, everything!!!
    I’m thrilled and at a bit of a loss for words.
    Ahh, spring and love is in the air, as it should be!!!

    I’ll be back for more of the kitties. Hope I don’t over listen!!!

    • Thanks, Resa. You certainly did your part with great footage and wonderful photos of Jeep in our collaboration. Lewis, my guitar guru, emailed me this comment: “Jeep is quite the exotic babe; I was smitten at first glance.” Speaking of smitten. I just commented to Marina that Holly’s “smitten kittens” comment might just be the next song. I think “The Smitten Kittens” is a perfect song title. Actually it would be a great name for a rock group as well.

      • Smitten Kittens is perfect for a song….or an entire band of cats. Lol!
        Jeep on keyboards … or guitar
        I would figure Spunk on Drums. This is so much fun!

      • I need to get some more recordings of Spunk yowling and kitty yodeling. Does Jeep do any kitty singing?

      • Oh yeah… lots when in the mood.
        My fave is when she doe the “Pigeons at the Window” alert noises.
        Will try to get some on my IPhone.

  4. I want to reblog this, but I have had not great luck when there is a video.
    In the reblog, the video usually comes out black. Using a Youtube or Vimeo link works.
    Loading a video I made and have in my computer works when I put it in the media files.
    Any suggestions?
    I’d like to have the video at the top, a BIG THANK YOU, and link to this post.
    If Possible…….

    • If you reblog it, the video will not show up in the reblog because it’s on my blog site and can’t transfer to your blog site. If you reblog it, add a note to go the original site for the video.

      • Okay! Will think of something…. maybe a pic of Jeep and one of Spunk (you sent me some before) With a Thank you, the lyrics and a link to your post.
        Maybe I’ll use sketches of Marina and Holly in Art Gowns. (that already exist)

      • That is probably better than a reblog. If the video wasn’t so big, I’d send you the video, but it’s like 350 Mbs.

    • Thanks, Lavinia. Resa wanted people to know that Jeep was not named after the vehicle. And it is an interesting piece of obscure history.

  5. This is adorable, Tim. I saw the fun lyrics at Resa’s place. I’ll have to come back later to catch the video. My TDS (should be POS) Internet is even worse than usual today, so I haven’t gotten past the first bar of music in the video. Even with just the photos and words I already love it. I appreciated the footnote about Jeeps too. Hugs on the wing.

    • Thanks, Teagan. I hope your POS Internet straightens up so you can watch it. I think you have have a great time with it.

  6. I came back for a laugh. As soon as the music started, Jeep arrived and wrapped herself around the laptop!
    Cats have a sixth sense!

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