Beauties and the Trees

Resa posted Art Gowns ~ Femme Finale at yesterday. She has used her tree, Holly’s tree, and Marina’s tree in her Princess Blue Holly (PDH) series set in Paris, France. PBH battles Evilomlap to save the Art Gown models from his dastardly evil plans. Resa’s drawings are delightful, and her stories lots of fun. Her Art Gowns are fabulous works of art. The celebrates Resa, Princess Blue Holly, and all the Art Gown models, I’ve posted an aerial photograph that shows where all the trees all the women bloggers have claimed are on our property and the surrounding area. I also included the location of the tree that both owlets are in. Big Baby Owl flew over last night and the two owlets where so happy to be reunited after being apart for almost two weeks.


The mosaic below shows all the trees that are in the above aerial image. Mouse over the photos of the trees to match them to the aerial map:


Below are a series of roses from our garden. I did not identify the roses.

69 thoughts on “Beauties and the Trees

  1. Thank you for posting the aerial map with the named trees and the owl trees. That is a big help. The flowers are all beautiful. I especially enjoyed seeing the Dr Huey pics on some of the tree pics. Fun all the way around… πŸ™‚

    • HI Susan. We have a lot of Dr. Hueys now. All the roses are cold damaged we had frost a couple of days earlier in the week.

    • Thanks, Holly. After I posted the aerial of the owlets’ movements, I thought it would be good to post the locations of the trees so everyone can see where they are in relation to one another, the owls, and beaver point. Resa’s Femme Finale was a good prompt for the post. As you can see your Tangle Heart Tree is a several handred yards away from our property.

      • It’s a beautiful idea and it’s fun to get a birds eye view of where these amazing trees ( and owls) are situated on your property. It’s exciting for me , I know it must be for Resa.

      • I think Resa will be beside herself. She is so beautiful and creative. All of you Art Grown models are beautiful and creative.

      • Resa’s incredible, I don’t know how she does it. She has so much energy and is gifted in so many ways , and to top it off she creates a lot of fun for everyone with her projects for the art models. We all adore her.

  2. This is wonderful, Timothy. So cool to see where all of our trees are and then to see each tree individually…

    Your roses are spectacular!

    • Thanks, Dale. All the roses have frost damage from a couple of cold nights earlier in the week.

      • We do get some nice roses. Years ago when we were competing in rose shows, we were told that if we didn’t spray our roses we could never win top prizes in rose shows. Ha! We took that as a challenge and all three of us won multiple blue ribbons and Queen of Show with our unsprayed roses. You just have to have enough ladybugs, assassin bugs, crab spiders and other beneficial insects on your roses.

  3. WOW, Timothy, what a gorgeous post. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for the pictures, the aerial view, and the tree! We have trees. You are fantastic. I can bake. What should I bake for you?

    • Hi Gabriela. I wanted you and the other tree holders to get a perspective on the trees. I’m happy you liked it. I like chocolate cake.

  4. Stunning contrasts, the wild-looking trees in greyish-brown and green with the lovely and colourful roses, wich seem to send some perfume with the images.

  5. Tim,
    This is so wonderful! I played join the dots with the trees. It came out looking like a cryptic message from an alien life form…. crop triangles, as opposed to crop circles.
    OR… like a constellation, but on earth… an earthstellation.

    Thank you bigly for the shout out, and all the fun we have with our creativities, individually and collectively! Dale’s Peach tree will make it into the next tale.
    I still know that my tree is the most stunning, and the Tangle-Heart is most unique, but all the trees are gorgeous. (especially Art Gowns models’ trees) Then again, I’m slightly biased.

    Oh… the owlets tree is important, too!

    It’s fantastic how many gorgeous roses you have. You are all drowning in petals out there!
    Thank you so much for EVERYTHING!!!

    • Thank you Resa. As you may or may not know, New Mexico is a hot spot for aliens and paranormal activity. Your conclusions from connecting the dots are all valid. I’m very happy you liked the post and I love how creative, talented and fun you and the Art Gown models are and how much fun it is to collaborate on your adventures.

  6. Tim, it’s lovely to see all the trees again. That view from above with all of them pinpointed is huge fun! I’m always amazed that you can catch shots of the owls. They doo look affectionate in that photo. Wonderful post. Hugs on the wing.

    • Oh and there’s a yellow Bing Cherry tree. Dales peach tree is between the plum tree and the cherry tree to give you an idea of where they are.

  7. Your trees are beyond magnificent. When they clap and sway in and throughout the day the orchestra of love must be amazing. How wonderful to plant or grow such beauty where you are. You must be a very special person along with your wife. Have a truly blessed day my new friend. Enjoy your Sabbath. Love πŸ’• Joni

  8. Hi Tim, fantastically magical. It must be fun when you go for your walks to engage with your cast of trees. A most conceptual pleasure and I’m very pleased to have my very own tree, thank you! Btw, your roses are gorgeous. I hope they are as fragrant as they are beautiful.

    • Thanks, Mia. On the roses, we enjoy their beauty. It’s so dry our here they don’t have much fragrance.

  9. Thanks for sharing this post and all of the information about the tree holders Timothy. That is so cool you have all your peeps shring your gifts. what a shame that Mia isn’t participating much these days. She looks lovely. I would be honored to have a tree but not sure of the one available. πŸ’–πŸ™

    • What kind of tree would you like? The blue spruce is an evergreen. I’ll put together a “Trees for Cindy” post and you can choose.

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