57 thoughts on “Silver Striping

  1. 😃 That’s a wonderful capture of light. The images are great and they made me laugh. Silver wears stripes well.

    • Thanks, Leah. When I saw him in the shadow I thought he looked so cool all stripey.

  2. This is such a charming idea, Tim. The cool effects of warm sunshine and kitties. Silver looks annoyed in that first shot though — better watch yourself. 😉
    The play of light and shadow in these is lovely — and Silver is gorgeous. Sharing. Happy Caturday! Hugs on the wing.

    • Hi Teagan. Silver was annoyed at Sasha who was thinking about getting into the photo and maybe stealing the show. His mad dogs kept her a bay.

      • Spunk is a little smaller, a bit scrappier, and a lot smarter than Silver. There are not too many cats as smart as Spunk. Which is fortunate for the survival of the world as we know it and as we don’t know it.

      • Ahh, no wonder Jeep and Spunk fell for each other!
        Jeep is the smartest cat I’ve ever had. Of course she hasn’t figured out how to open doors like the Pupkin did, but she sure knows how to boss me around. She always gets her way!

      • I hope she directs her intellegence in non-destructive ways. Spunk is always tearing things apart kind of like genious kids who want to know how things work.

      • LOL!
        Not too, destructive. Some general texturizing of furniture.
        She has figured out how to get ALL of the best spots in the house, in spite of the fact that Johnny (her spoiled, ginormous, fur burdened {my burden} son) is a bully & a brute.

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