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    • We have skunks around. They aren’t much of a bother, except in the spring when they mate and spray up a storm. They are really good at getting grubs and other pesky insects. Thanks, Dale.

      • Yeah, they do; however, we’ve had our share of dogs who have encountered them with nefarious results πŸ˜‰

      • Like I mentioned to Tiffany, dogs just don’t seem to get when it comes to skunks. Interestingly enough, both Spunk and Silver kitties have been sprayed by skunks and an hour later they do smell at all. They just clean themselves up and carry on.

      • Wow… were that the case for dogs…
        Dogs are usually rather dumb. My sister’s dog got sprayed SEVEN times one summer… Good grief

      • Dogs are the same way with porcupines. They can’t resist tangling with them. The cats are smart enough not to mess with porcupines.

    • Dogs just never seem to get it that they should not mess with skunks and porcupines. Thanks, Tiffany.

  1. We’ve had skunks and raccoons visit us in our old neighborhood. They were mostly interested if there was leftover kitty kibble for the cat visitors. Most of the time, there wasn’t, so they opted for a quick drink of water before moving on. The good thing about it was they never crossed paths on the front porch. If there was a cat visitor, the cats kept a distance from the skunks and the raccoons.

    • Spunk and Silver have had run-ins with the skunks. The other kitties ignore them. Thanks, David.

    • Naah. Skunks are harmless. If you don’t harrass them they leave you be. Thanks, John.

      • They won’t spray you unless you threaten them. During the years I rode my bike to work every day, there was a skunk that would wait fo me every morning and then it ran along side me up the road for about 100 yards before it ducked into the neighbor’s property. He would often greet me in the evenings when I got home.

      • I was riding bicycles to work back then. I would leave before sunrise and get home after dark. Skunks don’t see very well, and there would be times I’d get home, get off my bike, and I would feel something bumping into my leg. I’d shine my light down and it would be Mr. Skunk walking by, apparently not seeing me and bumping into me in the darkness. It was pretty strange.

        One evening I was sitting on the deck and something was wrestling around under my chair. I assume it was the cats, but when I got up and looked, it was a couple of baby skunks playing under my chair. They were really cute.

        And lastly, we had an outside cat for many years that I would put food out for and then take the food back in when she finished eating. More than one I reached out the door to get the food dish and I felt resistance on the dish. It was a skunk holding on the the edge of dish trying to keep me from picking it up. I was having a tug of war over the food dish with a skunk.

        Cat food isn’t good for skunks. After that kitty died, I quit putting food out. The raccoons continued to come to the door and beg for food for years after that. Even though they never gave them anything. I think they passed down that our place was good for getting food for many generations of raccoons before the legend died out. We hardly see raccoons at all these days.

  2. A visitor I won’t get to know around here, but I like the way, you and your feline companions seem to be in a balanced mood of mutual recognition.

    • Hi Teagan. The skunks like to hangout among the infinite amount of stuff, mostly junk, in the infinite shed of doom. Even though I have uncovered skunks when I was looking for something, they have never sprayed

    • I’ve been seeing them now and then, but not as much as I used to. Thanks, Lavinia.

  3. Skunks are very cute. Too bad about the B O problem.
    There were scads of skunks when we (I was a kid) lived by the Red River in rural Manitoba. There were river rats galore, too. I was washing tables in the Copa one day, and I saw a dog. I couldn’t figure how the dog got into the hall? Our eyes locked. I learned rat respect.
    Interesting how the skunks and rats coexisted so well.

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