35 thoughts on “A Hop, A Skip, and A Jump

  1. Such awesome photographs, you really captured amazing shots. It’s so heartwarming to see Baby Owl taking the big step toward independence, that takes courage.

    • Thanks, Holly. It was pretty dark when I got the shots, but they come out with an interesting look. Big Baby Owl has flown over to a tree across the ditch. This one, Little Baby Owl, was way way up in the tree with the nest. I’,m thinking it will fly across the ditch very soon.

      • They seem to do most of their flying after dark. I saw Big Baby make a few short flights well after sunset the other night, but it was during the night when she made her big flight across the ditch.

      • They are nocturnal. They hang out and rest during the day. They have some activity during the day, but they become very active at night. We hear the adults hooting all night long.

    • Thanks, Lavinia. Look at my reply to Holly’s comment on peonies for an owl update.

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