55 thoughts on “Pe Pe Pe Peonies

    • Wasn’t the skunk in Bambi named Flower? It’s really dry here, so you have to stick your nose in them to smell them. Thanks, Julie.

    • Hi Cindy. Our’s struggle with the heat. But it seems to get cool enough at night that they bloom and last a little while. We saw beautiful walls of hydrangeas when we lived in Spain. hydrangeas won’t grow here.

      • I noticed as I checked out other post of yours. You do have a green thumb! It is fun taking photos of flowers as they are growing. I have been toying with the time lapsed photography but I really don’t have the patience…not sure if that type of photography requires it…hmmm?

      • Time lapse is cool, but I’m not interested in doing it myself. Closesups and macro is good enough for me.

      • Yeah, I like the time lapse but I looked at a youtube video, just one mind you, and it’s a lot of work you have to put in just to get them right. However if that is your thing then cool. Yeah, Macros I still need work on but at least I can look at your stuff and other photographers 🙂

  1. Such beautiful shots of these gorgeous flowers Timothy. Do the lady bugs act as deterrents to other harmful parasites on plants and flowers. There’s a lady bug farm not far from me. Nice work in growing these beauties and in capturing them with your camera.

    • Hi Holly. Ladybugs have varacious appetites and eat lots of pests, especially aphids. They are really beneficial and they are much more effective than spraying poison.

      I have an owlet update for you. Big Baby Owl is still in the tree between the irrigation and clearwater ditches. She was looking anxiously at the bosque across the clear ditch. I couldn’t see the little baby owl on the side of the ditch we were on, so I told Laurie by the way Big Baby was acting, I’ll bet Little Baby had flown to the bosque. We walked around on the levee and lo and behold, there was Little Baby Owl perched in a tree right next to your Tangle-Heart Tree. I was calling Big Baby trying to get her to fly over, but she didn’t. I’m sure she’ll fly over later tonight. She was acting really antsy when we came back in. Both parents flew up into a tree perched wing to wing and hooted at eachother.

      • That’s the sweetest thing. This baby owls are so adorable! I hope they’ll be ok , I’m delighted they wanted to be by the Tangle Heart, maybe just the most convenient but that’s ok. it sounds like mom and pop Owl are pretty pleased with how it’s going. Keep me updated on Big Baby, I hope she makes it over there tonight.

      • The Tangle Heart tree is straight across from where the nest is. I’ve seen owl sitting in the Tangle Heart at night, but it’s too exposed for the owlets to sit in at their age. I may walk out first thing in the morning an check on them.

      • I went out a 6:00 am. I could not find Big Baby Owl. I think she was nearby in the bosque. Mama Owl was perched next to Little Baby Owl until the sun peeked over then mountains. Then Mama flew into the bosque and Little Baby Owl climbed up and disappeared into the leaves, where I suspect Big Baby probably was, but I couldn’t see her.

      • It’s such a miraculous experience, so exciting and intriguing! I would be out there every possible moment! Thanks Timothy, it’s wonderful going through the process with the Baby Owls.

      • Laurie texted me that she saw Big Baby in the same tree as last night, which means Big Baby might not have made the flight. With the cottonwoods leaved out, they disappear into the leaves.

  2. A great collection of peonies you have there. Reading though the comments I came to the time lapse conversation. It must be quite tricky to do as few people attempt it. The flowers will move around more than people expect. My money would be on you to be able to do it, if you were so inclined. 🙂

    • Hi Susan. Thanks for the confidence in me doing something like time-lapse, but no time lapsing for me.

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