46 thoughts on “Bowling

  1. Great photos, Timothy! Najar is gorgeous. I love that tight little ball, a good way to stay warm but notice that one always-on radar antenna! 🥰😻

      • She defends herself pretty well. She is super fast, nothing gets away from her, but her 5.3 pounds is no match for our 12 to 15 pound cats.

      • Awww man, I believe that the lack of weight can overcome overall size if fully fit, coupled with the proper attitude. A Fighting Machine attitude.

  2. She’s a little girl. One of our kitty visitors long ago was a black kitty, and she was a little one. Didn’t take long for her babies to equal her size and become bigger than her.

    • Hi Tiffany. It’s funny what cats will and will not do. I was just using the bowl to weigh Najar. I didn’t expect her to stay in it. I have to be careful when they like something because it soon becomes a kitty right and permanent.

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