54 thoughts on “Najar on Valentine’s Day

  1. Happy Valentine Day to you and Laurie, Najar (having staked out the chocolates) and all the kitties. πŸ™‚

    • Happy Valentines to you and Rick, your kitties and wild critters. Our skunks are smitten by Valentine’s Day and making stinky romance.

  2. Najar has dibs on the box of chocolates. Happy Valentine’s to you, Laurie and all the critters in the Bosque, Tim.

    • Happy Valentine’s Day, Juanita. Najar likes to sit on any box on the counter, but she was especially proud of claiming the chocolates.

  3. I tend to mistake her name as Ninja. With her full black shiny armor, she does look like a night crawler stealing human hearts 😻

    • Hi Dot. We call her our little dragon night fury. She is small, but super fast. Nothing escapes her quick paws. Did you see the movie “How to Train Your Dragon”? The night fury, Toothless, acts a lot like Narjar in that movie.

      • I only saw the first movie, and I was pleasantly surprised by how good it is. It’s possitive, uplifting, and has great characters. I think you will enjoy it.

      • It’s a good day, Tim. Thank you. A beautiful sunny day, Crystal is doing well, and a good blogging day. I as always am trying not to beat myself up for all the things I’m not able to do, but trying to keep that attitude under control. Also working on ideas for “up-cycling” my boxes for landscaping and even a furniture idea for them. Just trying to figure out the best all around configuration for that. It’s a good day. I hope you and yours are having a wonderful weekend. Hugs.

      • It’s a nice day here as well. A friend came out to have me help him with a few things, then we had a good chinwag, as the British like to say.

    • Cats are not supposed to eat chocolate, and they don’t show interest in it. Najar is a very loving kitty, but the other kitties pick on her, so she’s a little dragon always on the lookout for a surprise attack. Thanks, Teri.

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