30 thoughts on “Wax Your Bass

    • There you go. If you decide to take up the bass, a bit of waxing might be in order. As far as my bass playing goes, it will have to suffer since I have no interest in waxing. Thanks, Inchcock.

    • Thanks, Lavinia. When I saw the bass poster walking by the wax center I could not reset photographing the posters and assembling the image. The final image is quite different from the actual store window.

  1. “Skin that always strikes the right note.” Why the heck is she wearing a glove then? Lose the glove, earn the callouses! :))
    …and of course I always Wax before a performance. Wouldn’t want to get on stage with my Bass all hairy!


    • Maybe she’s doing a Michael Jackson-like imitation with the bass? Forbid the thought of a hairy bass. Thanks, Ron.

  2. The collage is cool by the way. Full of little conundrums. “Don’t hesitate your first wax is on us.”
    Shouldn’t the wax be on the customer first?

    • Semantics. I wonder how often one has to be waxed to make it worth their whiles to do first waxes for free. Maybe customers get to wax the staff for free? That would be one way to stay waxed.

  3. Now why did I think I was going to see a bass (fish) being preserved in wax? As a veggie, it occured to me that waxing a bass could be a way of preserving it, as opposed to salting it….. a healthier option!
    Very cute shot!

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