24 thoughts on “Channeling My Inner Cat

  1. When Spunk gets his butt off of the heating pad, it’ll be yours and Marbles turn. Then you’ll both feel better.


    • Hi Ron. I took the photo on Thanksgiving morning when we had no power. Spunk was upset because it was cold inside and the heating pad was cold, also. Marble was upset because it was cold inside and out and I was trying to take a photo of Spunk looking disgusted instead of holding her. I never got Spunk looking disgusted, but she gave me a perfectly disgusted look. I’m cranky today from dealing with a lot of crap.

  2. Cranky and disappointed, not a good combination.

    We experienced that when the thermostat failed during the overnight. It wasn’t cold-cold, but cold enough. Pebbles, my Siamese girl complained about the cool temperatures indoors. Had to go through two furnace cycles after a new thermostat was installed to satisfy her. Dino, he napped under the covers. As staff, we serve at their beckon and call. 🙂

  3. My boyfriend …. Spunk!
    Okay Marble has the special beauty fur, and appears to be a fab dramatic actor, but Spunk’s got the heating pad.

    • Hi Resa. Spunk is disgusted because the heating pad is off because we had not power. He couldn’t figure it out, and kept giving me that “Are you going to turn the heating pad back on?” look. I was trying to capture his look but didn’t get it.

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