Globe to San Diego

Giant tires, probably from mining trucks, used to stabilize the embamkment at the hotel in Globe, AZ.

We had a clear, warm day for our drive from Globe, AZ to San Diego, CA. Arizona has nice rest stops at interesting locations. California has most of their rest stops in the median between the traffic lanes on Interstate 8. They were not at very interesting locations. Therefore, I didn’t really get any good photos from rest stops in California, so the photos change from Arizona to San Diego Bay.

Mining display across from a rest stop.


Saguaro cactus and lots of blue sky.
Saguaro down.


A rugged range in the middle of nowhere.
Lola in San Diego Bay.
Downtown San Diego from the top of San Diego Bay.
Moon behind three palms.

24 thoughts on “Globe to San Diego

  1. Thanks for the Postcards from the Edge Tim. I’m vicariously enjoying the road trip. Heading West is one of my favorites.


  2. That cactus is epic!
    Arizona is so serenely beautiful. Even the tire embankment has moon unit starkness that works for me. I see a beauty in the repurposing of the tires.
    San Diego is a gorgeous city, at least in your shots it is.

    • Hi Resa. It’s a good use of old tires. New Mexico, Arizona, Nevada, and California have wondrous natural beauty.

      • I’ve been to Nevada & California. I adore the beauty of both places. California is absolutely gorgeous. The fires are breaking my heart!

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