14 thoughts on “Lizard Kill

  1. If you like lizards, you should visit The Holler. We have them coming out of everywhere. I have never seen so many lizards. They are not the least bit afraid of us. I especially love the teeniest, tiniest baby ones. Recently I saw the smallest one ever. They are so cute. They panic when they see us for the first time. They haven’t learned yet we are ugly objects of curiosity to them, not to be feared.

    • Hi Cindy. We have a lot of lizards this year. We had a lot of lizards 18 years ago, and then we had dozens of roadrunners all over the property eating the lizards for a couple of years. After the roadrunners ate all the lizards, they left and we only occasionally see a roadrunner on the property these days. All the lizards might bring them back.

  2. The music is FAB!!! Love it! The lizard ewww…kill……. not so much. Nonetheless, I appreciate nature in all its glory and hoary.

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