24 thoughts on “2019 Corrales 4th of July Parade

  1. Not just “so New Mexico,” but really “So. Corrales!” The images are great, and the gallery feature worked well with the images. I hadn’t seen a unicorn before, nor the Swan car. It appears, although it may be just the selection, that Day of the Dead things were remarkably absent. I appreciated seeing the pictures of Steve – he is exactly the kind of person who would volunteer to do that job.Thanks for sharing such a colorful happening here in the Land of Enchantment!

  2. A wonderful documentary of today, Tim! Enjoyed all the photos. It was pretty quiet here until this evening, when neighbors around the area set off fireworks. The grey fox came out afterwards and did his growly-bark. I think he has his eye on the neighbor’s chickens.

    • Hi Lavinia. I walked out to the river and photographed the fireworks, and then we did some sparklers over at Laurie’s parents house. Fireworks were outlawed years ago in Corrales.

  3. Now that looks fun!! Great shots.
    I’m working on a GLAM post. It’s varied art. Some of my crazy free art drawings, alley art of …a Buckeye Butterfly (sort of), a Charlie Zero poem.
    May I link to your Buckeye Butterfly post?

  4. Oh how fun. I should have been with you guys. Looks like a much better time. I love the orange tractor and the donkeys with hats. So cute. So many fun people showed up you did such a wonderful job of capturing it all. You are so talented Tim πŸ™‚

    • Thanks, Michelle. The parade is a big deal. One of the largest in the SW I’ve heard.

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