36 thoughts on “SPIN Tow

  1. When I was in Santa Monica at UCLA I saw these scooters everywhere. So many people riding them. I think it’s such a great idea! Not sure what the cost is????

    • Hi Kelly. A staff member whose been riding the scooters told me they are 15¢ per minute. I’m sure the cost per minute varies by city.

      • The scooters are in downtown Albuquerque, New Mexico. I work in downtown, but live 17 miles north of Albuquerque.

      • I guess they have those in the bigger cities? I just saw them first going to L.A. It’s a great way to get around. I had so much fun on my knee scooter!🤗❤️️

      • I just looked up the Spin service agreement. The fees depend upon the level of service you choose, and is limited to $200 for a 24 period, the maximum time you can keep a scooter unlocked. After 48 hours, your are charged $1,300, plus other fees and a police report is filed. Once you’ve unlocked a scooter, you don’t want to leave it unattended while it’s unlocked that’s for sure.

      • I agree, if you stopped for coffee on the way, it would be a quite expensive cup if someone took off with it! I think they are a great idea, don’t you?

      • I just got an update from staff members who are using them. They said Spin recently change pricing so now it’s $1 to unlock a scooter and 25¢ per minute.

      • I believe that is the case. I haven’t been up to the university since they placed them downtown, I can’t say if the university has allowed them or not.

      • I just learned that the scooters are banned on the University of New Mexico Campus because they are motorized vehicles. The first week they were introduced in Albuquerque, a woman got a DUI for riding one while drunk. Under New Mexico laws bicycles and motorized scooters fall under the same traffic laws as cars and trucks.

      • Thank you Timothy, you just made my morning. Love a good giggle with my morning coffee! I’m surprised she didn’t fall off or run into anything! Thank you!

      • 😂🤗I bet she did….what a sight it must have been. I love talking with you Timothy! You made my morning so happy my coffee actually taste better!! ☺️❤️️

      • Always happy to give your coffee a boost. Albuquerque is at the crossroads of I-40 and I-25. Most anyone traveling east, west, north, or south stops in Albuquerque. Many decide to stay here and we get some interesting goings on as a result.

  2. Now that’s interesting. I saw the scooters waiting to be used on the sidewalks in the weeks before I left. Although I never saw anyone use them. I guess that one is working over time. 😀 Hugs.

  3. I love scooters more than bykes, but still prefer cars, especially during hot summer days:)

    • I prefer to walk in the areas the scooters are available. I used to bike a lot, but it’s become too dangerous. Thanks, Victoria!

      • I have to agree. It’s too dangerous to bike in Manhattan now!

    • They don’t make a lot of sense for transportation in downtown. Everything is in easy walking distance. Thanks, Lavinia!

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